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  1. Akída Arkheín
    233 members, 10.9K views.
  2. Spriggan 12
    112 members, 4K views.
  3. POTUM
    110 members, 16.7K views.
  4. Heavenly Angels
    109 members, 17.2K views.
  5. NOTA
    44 members, 4.8K views.

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Fame/Reputation/Greatness and Superiority
Join the guild and make some new friends have fun

public 《Pride》

Like a pride of lions (and lionesses) we kill and conquer!

public Black File

Once corrupted, always corrupted.
Where we slumber for a millennium 眠りの森
we are the peacekeeper; we come in peace; le leave a piece.

lock Hanami

If you can speak German, feel free to join us