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Information - Akída Arkheín

Quick Overview

A Queendom, an international guild ruled by a Queen. Hail to the queen!!!
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Nov 3, 2016
Toram Online Guilds
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Welcome to Akída Arkheín!

Akida Akhein is a Queendom, an international guild ruled by a Queen.

Our guild name means powerful and complete, certainty and firmness. We are good, intellectual, bold, independent and inquisitive.

We have a passion for justice, inherent courage and with that comes the responsibility to be fair and true.

Being a member alone gives you a title over those adventurers outside of our guild, and you can lead them during random parties.


Queen : Silica01

General : RyeUshi0

Compendium : Barzeft

Intermediary : TheElza

Surveyor : K. C. A


As her royal subjects, every members purpose is to serve and do all her biddings. (Not really, this line was just written just to impose the theme of the guild)

Being our member, you must be able to hold your ground and won't be a whiner or a baby all the time.

Honor thy Queen!



ALWAYS address the queen as "My Queen" and not by her ign. Her words are absolute.
Respect everybody.
No begging, scamming, and harassing.
Don't get banned.
Be active and have fun.
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2017, Updated By: RyeUshio