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Fan made skill tree (again)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Random Forum User, Apr 5, 2022.

  1. Random Forum User

    Random Forum User Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2021
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    I have a sudden burst of ideas so why not dump it here :seizure:

    Skill tree name:
    Benevolence skill tree

    Can be obtained by using
    Book of Benevolence
    A book containing the story of a person who continues to help people until the very end of their life. The pages seems incomplete.
    Benevolence Skills Lv1.

    • This skill tree falls under support category.
    • This skill tree branching is similar like barehand tree.
    • This skill book can be obtained from chest scattered around the world of Iruna.
    Tier 1
    Passive skill
    Helping Hand
    Know that you're not alone.
    Allow the ability to accumulate karma by helping others. The accumulated karma can be used to perform miracles.
    • Gain karma by using support and party buff skills
    • All weapon available
    • Gain continuous karma by using Aura buffs from support skill tree by 1 at all level every 3 seconds. This effect can only be stacked by 2 times.
    • Karma gain is {Support/buff skill MP cost * (skill level/10)}
      - Ex. Gain 5 karma from using Astute dance at max level.
    • Karma gain cap can be increased with skill level. {skill level * 40 } this skill has initial 100 karma cap.
    • The karma gain has a soft cap. After it reaches {100 + (Skill level * 40 )}, the karma gain becomes halved.
    • Loses karma by using attack skill {Attack skill MP cost}
      - Ex. Loses 16 karma from using Magic: Finale.
    • Karma gain and loss are unaffected by MP cost modifier such as Save combo tag and Magic: Impact.
    • Unable to gain or lose karma if the skill usage is interrupted.
    Tier 2

    • The skills below cost 0 mana but consumes karma in order to activate it.
    • It has similar mechanic like Asura aura where it can to toggled on and off.
    • Activating more than 1 of these skill will cause you to lose (Seconds)% of your total MaxHP every 1 seconds.
    • The aggro generation from this skill works similarly like MP where 1 karma translates to 100 aggro.
    • The skills below branches out from helping hand
    Active buff skill
    1. Endless Love

    Love others as I have loved you.
    Consume karma to greatly improve healing efficiency. The healing effect becomes more powerful the more you perform healing ability. You lose the ability to heal yourself while this skill is active.

    • Cost 60 karma to activate.
    • Upon activation, this skill restore {skill level*3}% of your max HP.
    • All weapon available.
    • This skill is a party buff skill.
    • Skill activation animation is similar like bless, affected by motion speed.
    • Skill effect: white feathers particle surrounds the user.
    • Toggling this skill on will consume 20 karma every 2 seconds.
    • This skill improves healing efficiency by {(100/skill level) * Stacks}%
    • Gain 1 stack each time you use a non self-HP restoring skills (Ex. Buster blade, Breathwork, Bloody bite, Bloodsucker combo tag, and Healing item) capped at 10.
    • Continuous healing skill such as bless can only gain 1 stack.
    • Similar like minstrel skill, only the user can gain stacks.
    • After you reach max stacks, this skill will leave you or your ally at 1 HP when they receive fatal damage, resetting the stacks to 0.
      - Basically, if your one of your party member receives a fatal damage, all of your party member's Endless love stacks will become 0.
    • In a very broad sense, this skill doubles your healing power at max level and stack.
    • As a way to balance this skill, it disables HP recovery for the user and cut your HP by {25-(skill level*2)}% each time you use a healing skill.
      - Continuous healing skills will only reduce HP once.
      - Disables both instant healing items and continuous healing items
      - Restores {skill level*3}% of your max HP each time 60 karma is consumed.
      - First aid, struggle, heal, and revive droplet won't be available if you die from this skill.
    • When it comes to support skills that cuts down revive time:
      - First aid becomes {(30+2*First aid Skill level)+((floor[Endless love skill level/5])*stacks)}%.
      - Mini heal becomes {(1*Mini heal skill level)+((floor[Endless love skill level/5])*stacks)} seconds.
      - Heal becomes {(10+2*Heal skill level)+((floor[Endless love skill level/3]*stacks)}.
    • When toggling this skill off, the accumulated stacks will persist for {10+skill level} seconds before the buff disappear.
      - Toggling this skill off will enable HP recovery for the user.
    • Toggling the skill on while the buff icon is still on countdown will reset the stacks.
    • The skill will consume HP where 1 karma = 1% total max HP when there's not enough karma.

    Active buff skill
    2. Dreamfall

    All of my dreams are becoming true and you are one of them.
    Consume karma to increase MP gain. Gain the ability to share your MP with others every time you use MP recovery skills. Accumulates nightmare each time you use MP recovery skill while this skill is active.
    • Cost 20 Karma to activate
    • Upon activation, this skill restores {skill level*2} of your max MP.
      - Unaffected by the MP gain boost from this skill.
    • All weapon available
    • This skill is a party buff skill.
    • This skill consumes 5 karma per 1 second.
    • Activation animation similar like warcry, affected by motion speed.
    • Skill effect: the user is overflowing with mana, spiraling blue flame surrounds the user.
    • This skill has 2 effects. Improves MP gain by {10*(skill level/2)}% and share {skill level*2}% MP you gain from using MP recovery skills.
      - Ex. at max level, gain 450 MP from Lv10 MP charge, 300 from MP Charge, 150 from Dreamfall and shares 150 MP with your party member.
      - Ex. at max level, gain additional 50 MP if you have total 100 AMPR so you gain 150 MP in total.
      - When it comes to GMPR, this skill only boost total AMPR part of the calculation.

      - Shared MP affects allied party member.
    • This skill will gain charges similar like magic cannon where {(5/skill level)*600} MP gained from skills and ampr (excluding Dreamfall bonus MP) = 1% charge
    • This skill has {charge}% chance to randomly inflict fear, mana explosion, and weaken to the user.
      - Debuff duration for fear = {30-(skill level*2)}
      - Debuff duration for Mana explosion = {2+(floor[skill level/3])}
      - Debuff duration for Weaken = {30-(skill level*2)}
    • The debuffs stacks and refresh each other.
      - Ex. you can gain mana explosion while fear ailment is still active.
      - Ex. at max level, if you get weaken debuff while fear debuff is at 2 seconds, reset the fear duration to 10 seconds.
    • These skills falls under absolute ailment category.
    • Reduces {skill level*1}% charge each time 20 karma is consumed
    • After reaching 50% charge this skill has {charge/2}% to randomly inflict fear, mana explosion, and weaken to all party member.
    • This skill will consume HP where 1 karma = 1% total max HP when there's not enough karma.
    • Toggling this skill off will put the user on mana withdrawal debuff that decreases MP gain by {10*(skill level/2)}% for {30-(skill level*2)}. This debuff will act as the skill cooldown.
      - Ex. at max level, gain only 150 MP from Lv10 MP charge
      - Ex, at max level, gain only 50 MP if you have 100 AMPR

    Active buff skill
    3. Salvation

    Together, we'll see the end.
    Consume karma to gain the ability to keep your friends safe.
    • This is a hidden skill that will be automatically learned when you max out both Endless Love and Dream Fall
    • Cost 100 karma to activate.
    • Upon activation, gain invisibility for 2 seconds for you and your party member.
    • All weapon available
    • This skill is a party buff skill
    • Activation animation: The user floats up with their chest going up for 2 seconds before slowly going down. This whole process takes 4 seconds in total. Essentially a slower version of maximizer animation. At max motion this animation takes 2 seconds to perform.
    • Skill effect: The more HP the user lose, the more transparent they become. Similar fade out effect when a player is logging off.
    • This skill consumes 50 karma per 1 second. Starts after 2 seconds.
    • After the initial 2 seconds invisibility ends, gain 1 second invisibility each time the skill consumes 50 karma for you and your party member.
    • This skill consumes {10*seconds}% of your max HP every 2 seconds.
      - The HP loss countdown starts after the initial 2 seconds invisibility ends.
    • This skill will consume HP where 1 karma = 1% total max HP when there's not enough karma.
    • If you die from this skill, the remaining accumulated karma will be used to shorten your revive time. 1 karma = 1 second.
    • This skill overrides other invisibility obtained from skills.
    • This skill's iframe is a special version of invisibility, one that can stack, behaves like a buff, and has it's own buff icon.
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  2. Random Forum User

    Random Forum User Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2021
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    A new branch below the skills above in a straight line.

    A special condition must be met to unlock these skills. You need to colled 6 torn diary piece, obtainable as mob drop with extremely low drop chance throughout the world of Iruna. Bring these items to Lefina so she can assemble them then the library to reveal the hidden skill branch.

    Tier 1
    Active offensive skills
    Subsidio Ictu

    I don't want you to be in pain.
    Perform a special attack that relieves your opponent's suffering.
    • This skill cost 1MP.
    • Element depends on weapon.
    • Max cast range depends on weapon initial attack range + {floor(40/skill level)} meter.
    • Combo-able.
    • Action animation is similar like ether flare, affected by motion speed.
    • All weapon available.
    • This skill uses both ATK and MATK for it's damage calculation.
    • This skill damage type is magic, deals magic proration, and uses magic proration for it's damage.
    • This skill has 100 constant and (skill level) multiplier.
    • This skill is affected by srd%, lrd%, and long range from bow skill.
    Special skill properties:
    • Despite using magic as it's damage type, this skill uses both physical and magical penetration where {(Ceiling (P.pierce% + M.Pierce%)/2)}
    • Excess pierce stat that goes above 100% will become additional multiplier for the main hit where 10% P/M.pierce = 1 multiplier.
    • This skill can crit, it uses physical crit system.
    • Deals additional damage when an enemy is afflicted by a debuff. Additional damage has 100 constant with (0.5 * skill level) multiplier.
    • When an enemy is afflicted with more than 1 debuff add 1 more additional damage and 100 constant + 1 multiplier for each debuff.
    - Ex. When an enemy is afflicted with fear, slow, and paralysis, there'll be 3 additional hit with each hit having 300 constant and 8 multiplier each.​
    • Each additional hit damage calculation is done separately.
    • Each additional hit has 2 seconds interval, this interval is behaves like skill cast where it's affected by CSPD stat.
    • Additional hit skill effect: a spark flies away from the target in random direction before fading, taking their ailments away. The spark color depends on the ailments.
    - Ex. Fear: Purple spark, Dizzy: Teal spark, Armor break: Deep blue spark, Paralysis: Yellow spark.​
    • Each additional hit that isn't miss, get iframed, evaded, nor guarded, will reset the debuff cooldown.
    • Additional hit is unaffected by srd%, lrd%, and long range but affected by other damage modifier such as smite and brave aura.
    • This gains additional (skill level) crit (skill level)% P.pierce and (skill level)% M.pierce for each debuff.
    • If you have Helping hand learned, adds 20 karma regardless of H.Hand and S.Ictu Level when you successfully triggers an additional hit.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2022

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