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[Merchant Directory] November-December 2017 Updates

Discussion in 'Toram Online Player Feedback / Review' started by Ameilla, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Ameilla

    Ameilla Well-Known Member Contributor

    Nov 26, 2015
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    November-December 2017
    U P D A T E S

    **formatted to be BEST VIEWED on mobile devices


    At the end of every month I will be updating Merchant Directory the first week of the new month. This means that I will go through every shop and re-rank shops with the appropriate status. This will also be when I remove any shops that have been inactive for more than 60 days (you will receive a notice that you may be removed if you are inactive for 30 days).

    C O N G R A T S
    For All Your Hard Work <3
    Merchant | Shop | Previous Status or Rank --> New Status or Rank

    • @Ysmir | Dragonborn's Skyforge Crew | Known --> Well-Known!
    • @Imnidiot | Idiot's Refine/Fill Stats+13 Service | Premium --> Elite!
    • @◇sp1rit◇ | <<Sp1rit Services>> | New--> Known!
    • @Factor09 | Factor09's STAT/REFINA/FARMING | Known --> Well-Known!
    • @Lord Pojo | Pojo General Store | Known Established --> Well-Known Premium

    G O O D B Y E !
    Thank You For Your Service(s).
    *If your shop was removed in error, please notify me.
    Merchant | Shop | Reason for Removal

    • @Aromitic | Aromitic's Black Market | Inactive for more than 60 days - last active April 16, 2017
    • @AuburnWinter | Auburn Market | Inactive for more than 60 days - last active Oct. 04, 2017
    • @Donald | Desolate Anvil: Refinery and Synthesist | Closed by Merchant
    • @CY Yap | xKingSmithx Shop | Closed by Merchant
    • @(MEGUMI) | Megumi's Refine Service Shop & More.. | Closed by Mod
    • @Twille | Twille's Emporium | Closed by Merchant
    • @Red_Fox | Red_Fox's Dye Shop | Closed by Merchant

    S H O U T . O U T S
    Hey, Useful Threads, You're Awesome :eek:
    THANK YOU for keeping your threads updated, I knew I linked you to Merchant Directory for the right reasons!

    Sweet--you kept your scammer/trusted lists updated! We love you :3

    1. Last updates were seen in October :(
    Yaaas, updated price threads <3
    1. Last updates were seen in September :(



    xoxo Amei
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