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Spina Is Life
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May 17, 2016
Toram Online Guilds
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Black Fame is an open Marketing guild. We are not elitist and nor are we exclusionary. Our main focus is to provide players with a dope ass atmosphere to enjoy the game in and cooperate together as a team to level up and not worry about Spina.

I The Guild master Nut2fast do Not expect anything of you, You are free to login whenever but not go be inactive as fuck , please leave a warning in case.

As a guild we have had success in Living the rich life if you need a jump start let us know your idea and will support it if theirs profit . Cuz It is not possible to play an MMO totally alone unless you skip content :p.

A guild is only as good as its members, if you sit back and do nothing or say nothing you will indeed be left out :O

We have no Drama at all between our members most of the time is everyone does their own shit together or alone.

if you think that playing an Toram is a great accomplishment, believe that you are better than others because of your armor. Spina Or wannabe YouTube popularity or are a person who imagines that elitism is the way to be, you will in fact not like it here cuz we dont care :p, This is a community aimed at people who gave up on ther eold guild to find a more savage friendship and a calm and relaxed manner of game-play. If you have no sense of humor you will not like it here either.

level up! Gear up! Sell shit! Group up and move ON.


No scamming Members,do as you please outside of guild,don't expose chat Logs,Back Each Other Up In Any Situation,don't Beg,Nut doesn't Control you and will not take responsibility for your actions.
Last Updated: Sep 8, 2016, Updated By: ☆Lacey☆