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  1. Akída Arkheín
    231 members, 10.4K views.
  2. POTUM
    110 members, 15.3K views.
  3. Heavenly Angels
    109 members, 16.3K views.
  4. Spriggan 12
    109 members, 3.6K views.
  5. NOTA
    44 members, 4.4K views.

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public FREE~ >.<

LOL and XD is all I have to say.
A Queendom, an international guild ruled by a Queen. Hail to the queen!!!

public Stalgrim Ulfr

Hearts of Wolves, Souls of Warriors.
Des Mondes Silber mit einem Hauch von Potum.
Share the blessing, share the love~

lock Fairy Tail

From the anime Fairy Tail, open to all!
Embark adventures together, into reality.
Line chat app spam international group