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  1. Akída Arkheín
    220 members, 10K views.
  2. POTUM
    109 members, 14.5K views.
  3. Heavenly Angels
    109 members, 15.8K views.
  4. Spriggan 12
    103 members, 3.3K views.
  5. NOTA
    44 members, 4K views.

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Join the guild and make some new friends have fun

public Cedar

CCC~ <3 Chedar Cheese Casuals
A guild ruled by a queen. Hail to the queen!!!

public G3nocide ph

All will burn beneath the shadow of our wings."

lock Fairy Tail

From the anime Fairy Tail, open to all!

public TheNightCourt

To The Stars Who Listen And The Dreams That Are Answered.
Where we slumber for a millennium 眠りの森
Embark adventures together, into reality.