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Information - NOTA

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Not a guild, but family
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Nov 3, 2017
Toram Online Guilds
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~(°-°~) ~( °-° )~ (~°-°)~

We have grown together over this past year, though many come and go, the memories still stay.
We do everything as a team and we have fun while we do it, whether it be farming, bossing or just being lazy and being a little afk we somehow manage to get a laugh out of it and make the long slow hours spent together go by in seconds.
We were once small and barely active now we're joking around shouting at each other to come be in a party together.
One thing is for sure, being able run a guild like Nota, I wouldn't change it for anything.

The name was first made just as a pun but it grew into something so much more,
We became "Not a guild, but family"

- GM Vulpixsi​


Don’t scam players.

Don’t be racist.

Do not do RMT within Nota.

Don’t misuse our guild’s name, regardless of your intentions.
Last Updated: Nov 3, 2017, Updated By: RPG_Neko