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Fairy Class (Robust Machine Gun with Support Ability)

Discussion in 'Mage' started by AL Fathin, Dec 4, 2022.

  1. AL Fathin

    AL Fathin Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2019
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    Titania/Fairy Queen Class


    415 INT, 247 DEX
    Active Skills :

    MP ChargeLv5, MaximizerLv10, Rapid chargeLv10, Meikyo shisuiLv10, MP RechargeLv10, Brave AuraLv10, High CycleLv10, Quick MotionLv10, Fantasy SongLv10, Ad-libLv10, Spirited DanceLv10, Elegant PoiseLv10, Mirage evasionLv1, NinjutsuLv5, Earth release Lv-, Lightning release Lv-, Fire release Lv-, PrayerLv10, Quick AuraLv5, God Speed WieldLv10, Auto-deviceLv5, Micro HealLv5, ResurrectionLv10, Sprite ShieldLv10, EnhanceLv10, StabilizLv10, Astral LanceLv10, CounterforceLv10, Magic VulcanLv10
    Passive skills :
    BushidoLv5, ShukuciLv 1, Ninjutsu drill I Lv10, Magic UpLv5, Concentrate Lv5, Increased EnergyLv10, SpellburstLv10, Express AidLv5
    Stargem :
    Play DeadLv10, Magic masteryLv10, ConcentrateLv10,Magic UpLv10, MP ChargeLv10
    Registlet :
    MaxMPLv100, PanicLv10, Secret ComboLv10, Meikyo Shisui PreserverLv1, Extrem ConsentrationLv5
    Food Buff :
    CRT 26, Weapon Attack 86, HP 5000, INT 30, DEX 30
    Avatar Stat :
    Magic Pierce 21%, CR 3, CSPD 7%, DEF 40, Neutral Resist 1%, Weapon Attack 15
    Doping/Consumable buff :
    Barrier Analyzer Lithograph (MATK 3%, Magic Pierce 10%)


    Queen Bee Wings+S (Pedrio, Oculasigno)
    Lighting Ninja Scroll (Stability10%)
    ARMOR (Normal Type)
    Adv Garb+B (Yule Cat, Dr. Leonardo)
    Trickster Wings+B (Stellar Ooze, Underwater Sea Monster)
    Magic Talisman VI (Star Wizard, Black Shadow)

    HP : 13132
    MP : 1905 (2000 with max MP registlet)
    AMPR : 34
    Ailment Resist : 5% (105% with sprite shield lv10)
    Aggro : 60%
    ASPD : 450
    ACC : 554
    CR : 111%
    MATK : 7048
    Magic Stability : 96% (106% when stabiliz active)
    Magic Pierce : 71%
    CSPD : 2716
    Magic CR : 27%
    Magic CD : 159%
    Long Range Damage : 114%
    Element : Wind
    DTE WATER : 166%
    Resist Against Earth atk : -50%

    Parameter above are calculated with coryn stat calculator

    Fairy Skill info :

    1. Auto Device Lv5 (100 mp)
    You can use basic attack while moving with this skill.
    At lv5 if you have 450 ASPD :
    -Delay between atk : 1.65 sec
    -Hit Count : 3 if >8 meter, 1 if <8 meter
    -Recover MP equal to 25% AMPR (34*25%= 8 if >8 meter; 34 if <8 meter
    Duration : 60 sec

    2. Express Aid Lv5
    Damage reduction while performing first aid.
    Effect :
    -Double movement speed while using first aid
    -Damage reduction 50% (up to 2 times)

    3. Micro Heal Lv5 (100 mp)
    Instant HP recovery (no cast time) for caster and 1 pt member with the lowest hp.
    At Lv5 if you have 7000 MATK :
    -Recover 2000 HP of the caster and your pt member with the lowest HP (4000 HP if Lv10)
    -Heal range : 8 meter
    -If no pt member in 8 meter range, caster recover HP twice

    4. Resurrection Lv10 (2000 mp)
    Instant revive your fainted pt member (Revive time become 0 second) in 16 meter radius around you.
    At Lv10 if CSPD 2716 : cast time 2 sec (original 5 sec)
    Note : if you use impact the cast time become fixed at 5 sec

    5. Enhance Lv10 (400 mp)
    Enhances the attack attack power of the party member with the highest ATK and MATK (1 each)
    Effect :
    -Damage dealt +10% (stack with brave aura and mana recharge)
    -Give flat atk & matk to those who got the buff (amount depend on the target's level and DEF/MDEF)
    Duration : 120 sec

    6. Stabiliz Lv10 (700 mp)
    Effect :
    -Halves the stability reduction effect from [Graze]
    -Remove fatigue ailment upon successful cast
    -Give CR buff (amount depend on the member's CR. If have he/she have 100 CR, stabiliz give 36 CR)
    -Give magic Stability 10%
    Duration 45 sec

    7. Sprite Shield Lv10 (0 mp)
    Trade 10% HP with 100 mp. Make fairy shield upon cast.
    Shield Effect :
    -Reduces all damage taken by 50%
    -Gains 100% Ailment Resistance (stacks with Ailment Resistance from MTL stat & equipment)
    Duration : until get hit

    8. Counterforce Lv10 (300 mp)
    As the name suggest, this skill initiate atk only if you got hit/receives damage or someone on your sight (24m) got hit/receives damage.
    Buff Info :
    -Only 3 counter can active at the same time
    -One counter have 4 hit (so, 3*4 = MAX 12 hit)
    -INT stat can increase this skill's multiplier
    -Neutral element
    Extra info :
    -Use magic proration but doesnt inflict proration
    -This skill is unaffected by combo tag
    -This skill is unaffected by short range and long range damage stat.

    9. Astral Lance (500 mp)
    This skill work like MAGIC : LANCE skill, but you dont have to cast it everytime.
    Upon cast this skill you will get Astral Lance buff with 0/5 stack. Those stack increase if you spend mp for any skill (1 stack equal to 100 mp). All stacks (5/5) will be consumed to generate Astral Lance without casting to attack automaticaly. The stacks will be reset (0/5) after generating a Lance.
    -Hit count : 1 hit
    -Cast time : 0,81 sec if you have 2716 CSPD (affected by CSPD)
    -Hit range : 1 meter around target
    -Have 50% magic pierce
    -Neutral element
    Duration : 90 sec
    Extra info :
    -This skill is unaffected by combo tags
    -This skill can be affected by short and long range damage stats

    10. Magic Vulcan (100 mp)
    Machine gun like magic attack.
    Hit count : 5 hit per volley
    After first volley (5 hit) you can consume 100 mp to continue attacking, but the damage will decrease with every 100 mp consumed.
    -Cast time 2 sec (unaffected by CSPD)
    -Use magic proration but doesnt inflict proration.
    -If the target move to >12 meter from you, the attk will miss.
    -Element depend on weapon.

    Note : The video below only shown gameplay/playstyle
    My Equipment in the video below are :
    Queen Bee Wings+S ns, Adv garb+B (heavy type) with Iron Empress & Dr. Leonardo, Iron Witch Veil+B 1S with Stellar Ooze, Dark bagle (magic) with Venena. No consumable buff.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2022
  2. Thokay

    Thokay New Member

    Jan 17, 2024
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    Can pet trigger counterforce while being hit?
  3. Nekotori

    Nekotori Well-Known Member

    Oct 10, 2016
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    Yes it can, & so does Resurrection.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2024

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