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Mobs Don"t Drop Items (TORAM PC) [BUGGED]

Discussion in 'Toram Online In Game Issues / Device Support' started by UnDyinee, Dec 21, 2021.

  1. UnDyinee

    UnDyinee Member

    Dec 4, 2018
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    U n D y i n g
    POST: 21/11/2021

    I've been grinding colons for about 30 minutes and not a single item dropped in my inventory.

    - No, my bag is not full
    - I tried changing server, did nothing
    - I tried grinding other mobs [Rakau, Larva, Shell Mask, Boss Colon, Golem] in which all dropped nothing. I killed each type of mob x20 times.
    - I tried sorting my bag, did nothing
    - I tried buying stuff from General Store to see if my inventory works fine, yes the "Vaccine I" I bought is in my inventory
    - I tried logging in and out, did nothing- I tried restarting computer, did nothing
    - I tried asking for people to trade 5 Colon Leaf and it worked so I completed the first Main Quest.

    Anyone Else having this problem? The only thing Dropping to me is EXP and nothing else, I'm a level 21 Newbie in Land Under Development, using Knuckles.

    UPDATE: 21/12/2021

    - Looked in my stats and it says 956 Mobs Killed, No Items Dropped
    - I tried switching characters to see if the character is bugged, Mobs is still not dropping items
    - I also tried switching to different kinds of weapons
    1. Katana, Killed 20 Mobs, No Drops
    2. Staff, Killed 20 Mobs [Both with Magic and Basic Attack] No Drops
    3. One Handed Sword, Killed 20 Mobs, No Drops
    4. Two Handed Sword, Killed 20 Mobs, No Drops
    5. Bow, Killed 20 Mobs, No Drops
    6. Bowgun, Killed 20 Mobs, No Drops
    7. Halberd, Killed 20 Mobs, No Drops
    8. Bare Hands, Killed 20 Mobs, No Drops
    9. Unfortunately cant try dual wielding due to lack of spina
    10. Magic Device, Killed 20 Mobs, No Drops
    -I tried reacquire data, did nothing
    -I tried installing this on my phone as well, and the mobs is still not dropping items.

    I'm currently farming Golem at Nightmare Difficulty. Using Knuckles. And now Level 33

    UPDATE: 22/12/2021

    -Mobs Killed is now at 1355, No Drops
    -I tried partying, I always have No.1 Breaker and No.1 Tank but it only gives me 27-71 Spina, No Items
    -Still no response from Asobimo regarding the bug

    I bought Lv.2 Martial Arts. Am now Lv.51 Replacing my Iron Knuckles with Minotaur Knuckles, grinding Nightmare Difficulty Minotaurs. I got the Materials of Minotaur Knuckles from players giving me free stuff and made it in a blacksmith.
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  2. 2slotIsMyDream

    2slotIsMyDream New Member

    Jan 14, 2022
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    This happened to me as well, and the only way i've found to solve it is to disconnect your internet connection while you're in a party fighting mobs, don't kill the mobs until the "Reconnecting to server..." message pops up, wait around a minute, force closes the app, then turn on your internet connection and login. I can't guaranteed it would work for everyone but it works for me.
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  3. Stock-Potential-9900

    Stock-Potential-9900 New Member

    Mar 10, 2023
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    I had this same problem recently but thankfully found a solution in about an hour (hopefully it works for everyone).

    I will retrace my steps to exactly how it was so do note not all of these steps are absolutely neccessary.

    Needed before going into steps:
    1) One gift either a tool or collectible in your mail (do not recieved yet, you'll recieve later in steps).
    • Ask a friend or guildmate to send you one tool (ex: revita, etc) or collectible (ex: hematite, mithril, etc) doesn't matter the stack size just one sent gift to recieve for later. Or if you have a 2nd account you can send yourself the item instead.
    2) Sit in any map where you can kill a mob in 1 hit (basic attack) for later in the steps.
    3) If possible, be in international 1 or 2. If not just be in any world (global, etc).

    Once the gift is ready sitting in your mail, in a map with a weak mob, and in int1 or int 2 or any world, then we will get into the steps:
    1) To be safe close and reopen Toram.

    2) Go into your inventory to make sure that the inventory sections (equipment, tools, collectibles) are highlighted blue (not grey)/are viewable.

    3) Go to Mail (Menu>Community>Mailbox>Check Gift) and recieve one gift.

    4) Go to your inventory and confirm the gift is there.

    5) Now go switch Worlds (Menu>Terminal>Switch Channel>Select World) and pick a different one. For me Int1 into Int 2 or Int2 into Int1 had worked for me but I don't think that's necessary so just switch to a different world.

    6) Now having loaded in, 1 shot a mob with your basic attack and you should be able to get drops now seeing the box animation once it's killed.

    1) One gift in mail
    2) In map with weak mob
    3) In int1 or int2 (or any)
    4) Close and reopen Toram
    5) Make sure inv sections is all viewable (blue)
    6) Recieve Gift
    7) Check Gift in inv
    8) Switch Worlds int1->2 or int2->1 (or any dif world)
    9) Kill mob for drops (done)

    If that doesn't work, it is also said that this problem can be caused by an IP issue which means you'd have to wait it out for 24hrs (from when the problem started), but you can play on a different connection (wifi/mobile data) in the meanwhile until your IP returns to normal.
    - Andrew
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