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Information - UNFORGIVEN

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Jun 9, 2016
Toram Online Guilds
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Welcome to UNFORGIVEN guild...... UNFO guild started long time ago back 2005... and still kicking... i have some rule here,,we rule and play hard... adikting the game is not a crime xd..
1:guild first before others
2:rude attitude well not be tolerated
3: respect each other

And visit our fb group guys UNFORGIVEN.. and the attendance of all members well be in FB group also.thank you and god bless

Q: Why is UNFORGIVEN the guild to join?
A: Its bcos we dont have any lvl requirements to join us. My guild are very patient in moulding new comers to a decent lvl and experience. We are fun, chatty and likes to joke. We also do farming and grinding tgt. Our bonds are very strong and united!

A: We have establish ourselves as a well-known recognized in toram community, hardworking max lvl guild which have some of the experienced, strongest, alchemist, bs. We also boast well-known UNFO who has created their own unofficial toram DB website and even a marketplace in forum.
Q: Who can join the guild?
A: Anyone can join us. No requirements for lvl or gender. We do not discriminate. Join us and pm me for my line id if u need have any further questions.

*If u wish to be a part of us UNFORGIVEN pls state:
~ IGN (In game name)
~ Gender
~ Highest Character Level
~ Secondary Characters
~ Goals on Toram
~ Line Id (Required)

- To respect all UNFORGIVEN' religions, races and nationality in guild
- No scamming
- No cursing/swearing/harassment/scolding/belittling of UNFORGIVEN
- More info pls check line grp chat notes
Last Updated: june 11, 2016, Updated By: Vcut


●No porn.
●Respect everyone.
●No drama (Game/Forums).
●Don't do anything that could get your account banned.
●If you'll be absent for a while, let a vice know to avoid being kicked.

Have fun! ✌
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2016, Updated By: Vcut