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Crimson Hearts

Share the blessing, share the love~

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Guild Recruitment

Warmest welcome to all players <3. Crimson Hearts is small comfy home to those who simply enjoy the game, want to have fun, and help others along the way. That being said, we’re still a growing guild and are looking for active members to join our family.
GM: Crimson❤
VGM: @May<3 (kik:May2K) @Elveon (kik:kevinpaat) @Chako (kik:FrostedChako) @TheXIIIthGuy (kik:XIIIthGuy)

Guildie Considerations <3
Be Active:
Unless you’re actually an AI living in Toram, we don’t expect you to be playing 24/7 but don’t go awol for days without advanced notice
Character Level: All new and seasoned players are welcome. However, we will not level boost/power level. We will, however, help start out new characters to L25 once you have capped your main.
Keeping Contact: With people from all over the world, it gets difficult to meet in-game sometimes, so we use Kik messenger and Toram Forum for out of game connection. Be sure to have these accounts~

Guild Policies and Guidelines:
- Respect and treat others as you would like to be treated (in a good way)
- No scamming, spamming, or other actions of this sort
- Lend a helping hand whenever and wherever you can, to the best of your abilities
- Jokes are fun~~, just don’t take it too far or too seriously
- You are free to leave if you feel that CH is not the right home for you, but please say your farewells first.

**IMPORTANT: If you don't have any courtesy to say goodbye before taking off, please don't consider joining us in the first place**

Join our family!

Think you'll fit right in? leave us a post ^^

In Game Name:
Location/Time zone:
Typical Playtime Hours: Daily
Main Character Class/Level:
Your Guild/Toram Expectations:
Your Reason to Join us:
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