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Hell's Rose

The eternal flame burns still

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Hello/Hola. My name is Jhon and I want to join. I'm new in the game with 3 characters lvl 31 (mage/wizard), 25 (archer/hunter) and 24 (warrior in progress; which I want to become a tank). what I need to join to the guild?

Mi nombre es Jhon y deseo unirme. Soy nuevo en el juego con 3 personajes niveles 31 (mago/hechicero), 25 (arquero/cazador) y 24 (guerrero en progreso; el cual desearia convertir en tanque). Desearia saber que necesito para unirme?
U guys got a spot open? Im lvl 129, lookin for some ppl to grind with up to 150.
Hi, what should I do to apply for joining?
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