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Information - Red Snow

Quick Overview

Not being Red because of blood :3
Created at:
Nov 11, 2017
Toram Online Guilds
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~Welcome to Red Snow~

What is it?

This is a piece of family that wondering around Toram since October 26th 2017 (we might be new right?). As family we always gave warm welcome to our family circle. As far this time, we still in progress to be little bigger guild. And for some reason, our guild connected with others too so can make an alliance.

What is the benefits for this?
Well benefits itself lot. We always doing event. At last once in a month (monthly event) and some special event. Each event always had prize waiting in backdoor (I mean behind curtain X3 )

Interest to Join us?
Just contact 1 of this list in private message (both In-Game and Forum, we accepted)


Rules are simple :
  1. No pervert, No trashing, No racist.
  2. [New] try to active (if can't, contact our official member and explain with brief message)
  3. Be friend with each other.
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