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Serenity Dragon

be calm, be brave

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Serenity Dragon is created to establish a fun and friendly guild for members.
We dream, explore and discover. We are the dragons who live in serenity.
Our family is just simply enjoying the game~

Want to join us? Just visit our recruitment page:

LeiJean more_vert
Hi seira! You can message us on our fb page to join: facebook.com/serenitydragontoram
Arcata more_vert
Tear the sky apart, Break through limits, Demolish people's prejudgment, and fly higher S-classed doragons (Serenity Dragon)!!!

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what language do you use?
hai i want to ask can i join this guild but i am still beginner can or not
Can I join ur guild please I need guild and I can send details of my game here
IGN: MsMia02
Level: 150
Class: Arrow Mage
How much time from I playing : well basically I was off from 2 years from my family health issues now everything sorted out so I was back again 3 weeks ago and olayipl continuously working hard so let me join U guys please
LeiJean more_vert
Hello, sorry for the late response. Pls send a message via our fb page: facebook.com/serenitydragontoram
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