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West Wind

Wilder than the West. Mightier than the Wind.

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July Event are posted up in Line!
Sorry guys~ Havent been in forums for awhile. Most of our discussions are held in Line >< Sorry again!
Full Explanation of the Event

Ive recently encountered that most of the members doesn't understand what to do for the event. So here's the step by step way of clearing the event that even a first grader should understand.

1) Know your level.

2) Find the group your lvl is in.
Group 1: lvl1-30
Group 2: lvl31-60
Group 3: lvl61-90
Group 4: lvl90+

3) Once you know what groups you're in, check the hints of it.

4) The hints are a kind of "riddle" signifying what the item is. You may look at the "freebies" from Group 1-2 to see how I solve it.

5) Groups 2 and 4 HAVE to do the groups below it. For example, if you are from Group 4, you HAVE to also solve Group 3's hints. If you are from Group 2, you HAVE to solve Group 1 hints.

6) How do you solve them? There is a website called coryn club that you can use to search up items. Below each groups in the hints are places that the items are found. However, they are not in order so please beware.

7) Once you think you solve them, you have to private message me your answers. If you get anything wrong, I will tell you but not specify of what item you got wrong.

8) If you are correct, please gather the items.

9)Send the items to me.

10) After you gather your items, you need to fight four bosses from the list I sent out on the other post. You may SS (screen shot) or video your fight showing that you have done it. If you can not win against the same boss 4 times, please ss your deaths on all attempts. Send all pictures to me.

Your done! Congrats on finishing the event. Tell me the type of weapon you want/etc.
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Just added new pics in media❤Some of the other pics I havent added. Sorry >< Anyway, ty to all that attend~ It was so sudden lol!
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