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AMPR Arrow Mage Burst/Finale Build (prototype)

Discussion in 'Mage' started by Free1198, Jun 12, 2020.

  1. Free1198

    Free1198 Member

    Mar 28, 2016
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    Hello, today I like to share a mage build that I've been thinking about. Haven't work on it tho since it's just an idea atm.

    Idea for this build is to use a near 100cr high aspd/cspd mage build that can ampr using decoy shot. While decoy shot is active, we use a 1-4mp combo chain combining bow and magic skill. Since combo chain is slightly long, will need gsw and sneak attack to speed up animation and minimize aggro. If it turns out ampr is fast enough, can just use impact>burst/Finale combo.


    INT: All in
    DEX: 255


    Skills: (total sp=275)
    >Magic skill (97sp)
    Impact lvl7
    Finale lvl10
    Burst lvl10
    Magic Mastery lvl10
    Mp Charge lvl10
    Maximizer lvl10

    > shot skill (61sp)
    arm break lvl1
    sneak attack lvl10
    Long range lvl10
    Decoy shot lvl10

    > halberd skill (20 sp)
    Godspeed wield lvl10

    > support skill (25 sp)
    Brave aura lvl10
    High cycle lvl10

    > priest skill (25 sp)
    Prayer lvl10

    > guard skill (6sp)
    Mirage evasion lvl1

    > mononofu skill(6 sp)
    Shukuchi lvl1

    > survival skill (15sp)
    Hp Boost lvl10

    > battle skill (25sp)
    Critical up lvl10

    > Reccomend stargem:
    Reflex lvl1
    Holy fist lvl1 or kick lvl1


    > Staff
    I10% M10% I20 CR20
    XTAL: kuzto

    > sub
    Chimera arrow

    > Armor
    I10% M10% CSPD20% CR20
    XTAL: Demonic Quasar
    Iron Empress/sapphire Roga

    > Additional
    Mage cape / Yashiro Azuki's Dad's Mask
    XTAL: Gespenst II / Chocolate ooze II /
    Narumi hina

    > Special
    Rosetta Stone / Philosopher's Ring
    Xtal: Venena / Tuscog

    (total CR is 93 without foodbuff)


    > Sneak combo
    Gsw - impact(save) - sneak attack(swift)

    > close range decoy combo
    Holy Fist - impact(save) - decoy shot(swift)

    > Buff combo (800mp)
    [reflex - prayer(save) - gsw(swift) -
    impact(swift)] + brave aura + high cycle

    > 2-4mp finale (150% dmg)
    Moeba shot - arm break(save) /sneak
    attack (save) - reflex(cons) -
    gsw(cons)/paralysis shot(cons) -
    impact(cons) - finale(smite) - Holy

    > 2-4mp finale (110% dmg)
    Moeba shot - arm break(save) /sneak
    attack (save) - impact(cons) -
    finale(smite) - Holy fist(cons)

    > 1mp burst (130% dmg)
    Moeba shot - smoke dust(save) - javelin
    (swift) - impact(cons) - burst(smite) -
    (need about 5.5k cspd to insta cast burst
    If just relying on this combo)

    Extra notes:
    - if use sneak or decoy combo before burst
    combo, only need 3.3k cspd, to which that amount of CSPD can be covered just from stats and gears alone

    - Finale/burst combo is spammable since it
    deals both phy n mag dmg, so less worry
    abt proration, just need to worry abt aggro
    And time taken to cast combo
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2020
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  2. Free1198

    Free1198 Member

    Mar 28, 2016
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  3. Wimzi

    Wimzi Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2018
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    I really like the idea! ^^ Staff + Arrow is rare to see nowadays.

    I guess my main concern is how helpful decoy with be with staff’s very short auto-attack range. Casting decoy may be a nuisance due to power wave and due to how you’d have to switch between long and short range to keep it active, but to keep finale from being too dangerous. Also using arrow as a sub weapon already gives you some decent MP conserving options.

    Mage paired with decoy works much better with magic devices as your main weapon in my opinion because the auto-range is much longer so it’ll more reliably stay within range, and it also lets you stay at a distance at all times. Bowgun + MD with max conversion isn’t a bad option either but its MATK will suffer since its growth is less than Staff/MD/knuckles.

    As long as it works for you though then that’s all that matters! Good luck if you try it out! ^^)b
  4. Free1198

    Free1198 Member

    Mar 28, 2016
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    True, staff + decoy shot does make it annoying to move around, unless I seperate them.

    Like if staff, it's the bow+magic combo
    & if MD, it's the decoy shot ampr

    Huh a 2 in 1 build

    Sucks that staff can't long range decoy shot, would've been the perfect fit.
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  5. Kaisyl

    Kaisyl Elite Member Elite Member

    Sep 20, 2015
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    With finale, you want mirage evasion maxed. Nice build tho

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