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Can't Login, it says account don't exist

Discussion in 'Toram Online In Game Issues / Device Support' started by Jazz528, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Jazz528

    Jazz528 New Member

    Mar 16, 2019
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    This error is not because of the incident happened on 2nd March, it's from the very beginning, when I first installed the game. Whenever I try to login(after reinstalling toram) using my ASOBIMO account, It won't login. It says, "Email not found" or something like that. I am sure that I registered the account, because I have the registration confirmation Email sent by them. I also tried every password I know. Once I tried creating new character and tried to transfer account, It worked. Now because of this 2nd March incident, I can't try it, but I've confirmed that when it asks the 2 options: login account and new character, I can't login.

    Please let me know if its a problem because it scared the hell out of me for the first time.

    P.s I have a proof that I have registered, below is the registration confirmation mail I got: Screenshot_2019-03-17-08-07-24.png
  2. Barzeft

    Barzeft It is better to be silent instead of hurtful Elite Member

    Jan 12, 2017
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    Unless that account you managed to get to work before March 2nd was made with Japanese as the default language on your device it can no longer be logged for the time being from the March 2nd incident.

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