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"Common Questions" about Halberd

Discussion in 'Halberd' started by GermanWitch, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. GermanWitch

    GermanWitch Member

    Feb 14, 2018
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    so, from looking around in this forum, I found two 'guides' for two different Halberd builds: Punish Ray and Impact.

    But none of the guides explain some details that are particularly useful for new players, so if possible, I want to ask a few questions about Halberds in this thread. (And hopefully the answers to these can help other nubs in the future)

    Which of the halberd builds is more beginner-friendly?
    IS either of them particularly expensive to properly gear?
    Are there other viable halberd builds?
    Is halberd a good "class" to solo through content and story quest or will I be forced to party eventually?
    How do I get "good" gear for Halberd while I'm levelling it as my first char? Any drops from bosses or things to craft in particular that might be useful? (I'm currently using a failed Holy Robes and a Magic Crystal Spear at lvl 39.) Perhaps something I could buy, if I had spina? (Which I don't, but might be useful for another nub halberd player lol)
    Do people actively seek for Halberd users in endgame content? Is it a good DPS class for endgame bosses and stuff?
    Do halberds have any possibility of breaking parts by themselves? So far I haven't seem a single skill that gives flinch/tumble/stun, which kinda hurts my attempts at solo farming Mino Skin at low level for some spina. (but no one seems to bother with buying if it's not a full stack qq)

    Depending on how this thread goes, I might even edit it later with your answers to make a neat "FAQ" for others.
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  2. Mostry

    Mostry Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2017
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    I would say add brawler skills if you want flinch/stun/tumble, or magic impact for tumble chance... It also makes next skill cost half mp

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