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How to Avoid Necro-Posting (101)

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Kain, Apr 23, 2017.

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  1. Kain

    Kain The Nomad

    May 4, 2016
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    It has come to my attention that Necro-Posting is becoming a slight bit more common. As a result, I am hereby introducing and pinning this thread.

    (Since I can't post in the Toram Forum Announcements, it'll posted here in the New Members section)

    To start off...

    What is Necro-Posting?
    Necro-Posting is the act of replying/posting on a thread that has had no activity in the past month or more. This can go against forum rules, and if it becomes a repeated issue, it may result in verbal warnings and warning points.

    Why is Necro-Posting bad?
    Necro-Posting can cause a clutter, but that rarely ever occurs. However, Necro-Posting can be another form of spam, which can be an issue if it becomes a problem. Plus inactive discussion must be laid to rest, so that the active threads may continue to thrive on, for lack of a better word.

    How do I avoid Necro-Posting?
    Simple. Find the last post on a thread and check the date it was posted. If the date shows that the thread hasn't been active for a month or more, DO NOT POST. A thread cam be inactive because either everyone has moved on or the question/thread was already answered. That way, Necro-Posting is avoided.

    [As a sidenote, please don't post anything not irrelevant to any topics. It has been a common issue regarding Necro-Posts]
    (Special thanks to @Odin for assistance)

    With that said, that concludes this thread.

    Have a nice day to whomever takes the time to read this thread! //_^/)
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