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Magic Gunner Guide

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Kaisyl, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. Kaisyl

    Kaisyl Elite Member Elite Member

    Sep 20, 2015
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    Background: Magic Gunner is a build which incorporates the use of magic skills and physical skills purely in the element of a ranged fighter only. This build relies mostly on not getting hit and as such, it is recommended to be agile.
    Because it makes use of both magical and physical skills, it is completely immune to the dps spammers making it very possible to secure attacker rank, IF, the tank can hold agro from you spamming high damage skills.
    Magic gunners in the right circumstances can output damage without stopping but alone, they must rely on using ailments and disabilities to slow down the enemy.

    STR: Contributes minimally to the magic gunner style. Main use of the stat would be to increase critical damage and not much more. Not very effective for the magical side of the build because the critical rate of magic skills is non-existant without spell burst skill and that only transfers 25% of your critical rate to magic skills.

    INT: Increases magical attack and magical defense. Useful for the magical side of the magic gunner.

    VIT: Increases HP and physical defense. Extra HP is nice, just be sure not to over invest so as to cripple your overall damage.

    AGI: Increases attack speed. Increases motion speed beyond 1000. Magic skills are naturally very slow, shot skills are naturally very fast. The amount of AGI needed to make this stat viable is not small.

    DEX: Increases physical attack, increases cast speed, increases accuracy and increases magical attack. Useful for the physical side of magic gunner.

    Personal stat
    LUK: Increases drop rate. Good for weak monsters/easily killed monsters because of the AoE nature of magic gunner. Bad because it offers nothing else other than reduced degradation chance at refining (not confirmed).

    TEC: Increases MP by 1 per point, increases proficiency level when crafting. Useful for MP bonus and for a magic engineer type build.

    MTL: Increases ailment resistance. Very good because casting magic is easily interrupted. Does not prevent magic interrupt flinch, contributes minimally to the physical side of magic gunner and is excellent against bosses which produce a lot of status effects.

    Note: Magic flinch happens when you receive an attack that naturally does not have an ailment which would be most normal attacks.

    CRT: Increases critical RATE, NOT DAMAGE. Also acts as a secondary accuracy system for physical skills only. Because of the state of the game as of 21st October 2019, it is a required stat for all physical dps otherwise your physical attacks will miss a lot.

    Because you use a bowgun and as of now, all ailments on shot skills are extremely low chance in activating.

    1) Power Shot: Slow activating 1MPbar skill with a low tumble chance. Even at max level, the activation speed is slow.

    2) Bullseye: Fast activating 2 MP skill with built in physical pierce. Good for high defense bosses.

    3) Arrow Rain: AoE skill that deals multihit AoE damage centered on enemy target. Useful for general AoE damage.

    4) Snipe: High damage single target skill with extremely fast actvation speed. Main damage skill for physical side of magic gunner until tier 4 or during solo situations or in cases where the boss spams a lot of map wide AoEs (eg: Yelb)

    5) Cross Fire: Extreme damaging physical skill. Requires the user to not be hit during charging otherwise the skill stops charging. Finisher type skill. Hard to use in solo situations, extremely good in team situations.

    6) Moeba Shot: Instant acting 1MPbar skill which is a popular combo opener. Low slow chance

    7) Para Shot: Low paralysis chance, boosts stability for a short time. Useful because of bowgun's naturally low stability.

    8) Smoke Dust: Popular saver skill in combo. Low blind chance. Low damage.

    9) Arm Break: Popular saver skill in combo. Low lethargy chance. Moderate damage.

    10) Shot Mastery: Provides significant physical attack boost that gets better with high attack power weapons.

    11) Sneak Attack: Removes agro from direct damaging attacks (Max is 10). Decoy shot skill consumes multiple charges of the skill. Useful because of magic gunner's high capability of drawing agro.

    12) Long Range: Boosts all long range attack damage (both magical and physical). Very useful for doing ranged damage as a magic gunner.

    13) Quick draw: 30% (at max lvl) to restore 1 MPbar on any skill that uses 1 or more MPbar. Very useful for long battles or clutch situations where that restored MPbar can save you, otherwise, effect is greatly diminished by the skill decoy shot especially for the magic gunner which has access to five other (5) MP restoring skills.

    14) Decoy Shot: Places a decoy which attacks a single target within the diameter equal to your base weapon range. Cast is 2 meters ahead of the user. Rate of recovery is based on Attack speed and is useful for providing passive MP recovery greater than what sober analysis is capable of.


    1) Magic Arrows: Basic Multihit magic attack. Low cast time, halves (at max level) the cast time or motion speed of the next used magic skill.

    2) Magic Javalin: Single target magic skill that gives an ailment based on main weapon element.

    3) Magic Lances: Applies the stop ailment to enemy. Once casted, it attacks the enemy occassionally until all are used but the damage is low. Useful for slowing down the approach of a single enemy.

    4) Magic Impact: Inflicts AoE disability tumble which is bad against reactive bosses but it also halves the damage of the next skill.

    5) Magic Finale: Basically massive raw AoE damage. Has a damage fall off the further away from the center the target is long cast time leaving the user prone to any attacks. Hard to use in solo situations, risky for bosses that tend to attack non-tanks.

    6) Magic Wall: Knocks back enemies. Not effective against most bosses, useful for providing a safe zone against weak enemies who may disrupt magic casting.

    7) Magic Blast: AoE damage but long cast time (similar to Magic finale) but gives AoE ailment based on main weapon element.

    8) Magic Storm: AoE suction that pulls enemies towards the center. Does not work very well on any boss, good aginst weak enemies to position lock them.

    9) Magic Burst: A skill with high potential for magic AoE dps that wont see much use until 1k CSPD is achieved.
    1k cspd = 4 magic skills before instant cast
    2.5k cspd = 2 magic skills before instant cast.

    10) Magic Mastery: Completely useless for magic gunners.

    11) MP Charge: provides 3.5MPbar and is not affected by magic interrupt flinch. At end game, used mainly as a precursor to the Maximizer skill.

    12) Chain Cast: Passive skill that increases the cast speed if any or motion speed otherwise of the next magic skill after magic arrows is used. Has a diminishing effect with higher cast speeds.

    13) Power Wave: Increase weapon attack range and boost attack power of normal attacks when power wave is in effects. Useful for normal attacking from afar. Decoy shot renders this skill nearly useless for recovering mp from afar via auto attacks

    14) Maximizer: At max level, and if MP charge is used as a precursor, instantly restores 17MPbars.

    1) Magic Warrior Mastery: Useful for reducing the penalty a magic device imposes on physical attack power. Slightly boosts cast speed.

    2) Conversion: Allows the bowgun to act as if it were a staff or magic device main weapon and allows the weapon attack to add towards magical attack.

    3) Resonance: Balances HP and MP. May be useful for potential heal blocking bosses, useful for sacrificing HP for MP. May be rarely used unless situation is an emergency.

    4) Ether Flare: Not much use other than as a combo opener. Range is smaller than normal magic gunner skills and as such creates a risky position for the user.

    5) Element Slash: Creates a risky position for the user and has a small chance to create a short duration weaken element which boosts critical rate against the inflicted by 50%. Not very useful currently.

    6) Enchant Sword: Completely useless for magic gunner.
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  2. Kaisyl

    Kaisyl Elite Member Elite Member

    Sep 20, 2015
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    Above are the main skill trees for the magic gunner, the following are suggested sub skills you can use for the build or to customize your own personal gunner. Please note that whilst these are styles you can play, there is no need to remain fixed to this play style, hell with how open the game is, you can even combine them.

    1) Bomber Style/AoE nuker

    2) Supportive Fire

    3) Technician

    4) Illusionist/Trap Master

    (To be updated)
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
  3. Red_Fox

    Red_Fox Master of the Ninja Kittens Elite Member Epic Member

    Dec 1, 2015
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    *pushes back glasses*

    not just critical rate but also just 25% of your critical damage :p
    and what is the other side of the magical side?
    wrong. HP gain from VIT is entirely based on level. at lv1 you get 1HP.
    10 VIT does not raise HP by 1000, except maybe at the level cap.
    also increases cspd, which is much more effective on magic than AGI.
    magic flinch is caused by any attack that does not have a chance to inflict a status ailment. MNT does nothing to support casting, except preventing Silence. but a Vaccine can cure it too, and since this build is about not getting hit, this stat will not be used often.
    250 MP at most. there are normal crystas with MP+250 available now.
    this stat is only good for production and nothing else.
    magic arrows, lances, storm and finale are not affected by this skill. same for arrow rain and cross fire.
    that is the effect of Chain Cast. the level of Magic Arrows is irrelevant for this.
    Magic Lances is now the strongest single-target magic with higher than damage than Storm.
  4. Rydalis Darx

    Rydalis Darx Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2015
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    Wierd flex, but as a nerd I agree.
  5. Kaisyl

    Kaisyl Elite Member Elite Member

    Sep 20, 2015
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    So glad i didnt do the entire thing in one go...

    Thanks @Red_Fox
  6. Yunan

    Yunan Not Enough Salt Elite Member

    Dec 22, 2016
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    Trying to not get hit? Add gsw to that
  7. Kaisyl

    Kaisyl Elite Member Elite Member

    Sep 20, 2015
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    Still have to write a report based on the other skill trees

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