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Main Quest Discussion - The Story Got Weirder

Discussion in 'Main Quests' started by LanHe, Sep 25, 2020.


Are you still paying attention to the Main Quest?

  1. No, lol stopped a long time ago

  2. Yes, always made sure read everything

  3. Yes and no, stopped paying attention and now back to caring again

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  1. LanHe

    LanHe Active Member

    Jul 15, 2017
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    Hey, I just wanted to discuss about the main quest for fun. What are everyone's opinions on the story until now?

    Honestly, I stopped paying attention to the story from chapter 8 and then later started reading it again in the latter part of chapter 8 (or 9?). The story might have strayed from its path, but I have to say that I'm interested in the story again. I finally know what the hell Toram is now and Venena is gone for good (though I wished we could have made her suffer more lol).

    I'm thinking that since the title screen has "Departure from Iruna".... are we going to Toram? If there's another sequel to the game, is it going to be called "In Toram" looooool? I'm also going to bet that one of the Gods let the Coenubia in, just because that's something I can see them doing for shock factor!

    So how are you guys feelings about the story? I'll love to read your insights on the story, and maybe predictions! (Rants are welcomed too!)
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  2. Red_Fox

    Red_Fox Internet Pirate Super Likable Elite Member Epic Member

    Dec 1, 2015
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    chapter 10 begins in october/november.
    i guess we are going to Toram,
    because Almas might be there.
    he's neither in Iruna nor in Novierre.
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  3. LapizLazuli07

    LapizLazuli07 Well-Known Member

    May 30, 2020
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    I love how fan theories about Balsette was real
    and all the people coming back and showing up
    I just love it
    It feels a lot like end game

    I wish we get more MQs that was like that
    Feels so much more immersive
    rather than just watching cutscenes and then beating a boss
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  4. HoboOnline

    HoboOnline Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2018
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    I think the story could have been refined more. Chapter one and two, could have led into so many scenarios.

    > I think the Black Knight should have remained mysterious, until the battle with Venena
    > More bosses should have been infected with the dark crystals. This should link into lore about xtals ..
    > They should have down played the whole technista being so advanced. Even in Iruna it was out of place. I feel if it was just a faction that utilised xtals and knew more about them than other factions. As we have melee weapons and magic, but it's clear they're industrialised...i would have preferred a clear advantage, without the overemphasing technology. It's clear they could have wiped out the entire continent in a couple of days.

    >Goovua should have been a recurring nemesis, and part of a darker side story. Then we could have included BKoD and Masked Warrior with similar designs, instead of the circle jerk part of the story they are.
    And potentially leading to unlocking the assassin skill tree, if you solve mysterious riddles/map puzzles. Completely unannounced by the team...to give the player base a sense of wonder and excitement.

    > Gods - They're part of the story, but you can only see them at the shrines where the Holy Gems are held. None of this teleporting into different dimensions bs.

    > Dark continent (DC): Whenever you're knocked out, and you fail to struggle. You're teleported to the DC, and have to start a new character. Perma death is now a part of the game, but when you die your soul gets special exp. New system...blah blah

    > The whole coenubia thing, no. Just no, it has been poorly executed.

    Anyway, vent over.
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  5. VangNir

    VangNir Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2018
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    The story seems too forced and it's not like their usual way to reveal the secret little by little. I think their original plan is deleted and they use a whole new direction to the story.
    All previous characters future development has been revealed too fast. It's like a new story writer takeover.
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  6. Umbers

    Umbers Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2015
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    I'm not gonna lie I'm recently trying to keep up as I get more invested in the story, but I always feel toram has a more solid storyline and interesting characters than other mmos so I feel they did something right.

    Still the only pet pieve is the story goes Cutscene > "Surprise boss" lmao

    Although I do feel the characters are mostly likeable although they do have a small arc then dissapear into the abyss of nothings.
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  7. Pregnant

    Pregnant Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2018
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    So they finally mentioned "Toram", after all these years. I'm guessing we are still about half done for the story. The current world is like a messed up Iruna due to cataclysm. We are not even yet at Toram world. So what were we doing during these years playing "Toram" online, while we are not yet in "Toram" world itself. LOL
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