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Maintenance Notice (11/8/2018)10m DL EVENT

Discussion in 'Toram Online News & Announcements' started by NISHIKI, Nov 7, 2018.

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    NISHIKI Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2015
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    Thank you for playing Toram Online.

    We will perform a maintenance from November 8th 2:00 PM (JST/GMT+9).

    Maintenance Details

    - 10 Million DLs Event will begin.

    - The following issues will be fixed.
     - When setting an MP recovery skill on Combo, the skills after the MP recovery skill may not be activated.
     - When using a combo that includes Blade Skill: "Warcry" while being inflicted with "Fear", the status ailment cannot be removed correctly.
     - Party members are unable to First-Aid a mercenary and partner.
     - When you "Back" or "Close" in the menu screen while Support Skill Icons are displayed, the icons disappear.
     - When using Avatar Skill: "Explosion" after Magic Skill: "Maximizer", the restored MP is not included in the damage calculation of Explosion.
     - Billiard Table is not displayed correctly under certain conditions.
    Maintenance Schedule

    From: November 8th at 2:00 PM (JST/GMT+9)
    Until: November 8th at 4:00 PM (JST/GMT+9)
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  2. Lucifere

    Lucifere Angel of Rebellion Elite Member

    Jun 21, 2015
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    Hey guys post new drops from new diff :) We all must thanks bots for this event :) 7millions download to 10m in a few months thank you bots *bow my head*
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