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sate proration

Discussion in 'Bow' started by Mebsie, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. Mebsie

    Mebsie Member

    Aug 14, 2020
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    is the original timing of the start of casting sate arrow when the proration is applied/calculated? like if i were to hit with my cf, then do impact>sate right after, will it still count as 1 less phy prorate? or is it when the skill actually lands. like if i cf, impact>sate and auto atk a few times before sate lands. then will that be max dmg sate or do i need to cf, auto atk, impact>sate for max sate dmg
  2. Red_Fox

    Red_Fox Master of the Ninja Kittens Super Likable Elite Member Epic Member

    Dec 1, 2015
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    proration happens on hit.
    evasion still counts as hit, and will affect proration even though no damage was dealt.
    miss (dodge) or missing (no target in range) will not affect proration.

    for damage modifying effects, there are different effect timings:

    self/party buffs will take effect on skill activation.
    so if warcry is active when you cast satellite, but ends before it hits, you still benefit from the atk boost.
    likewise, if warcry is activated after satellite, you will not benefit from it.

    enemy debuffs take effect on hit.
    so you only benefit from armor break if satellite hits while the debuff is still active.
    activating satellite while armor break is active will have no effect when it hits after armor break ends.

    proration is an effect on the enemy, so the proration values when satellite hits are used instead of the proration values when it is activated.
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