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Will Update as we get gears/✧Alium✧

Discussion in 'Dual Wield' started by Hiame, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Hiame

    Hiame MellowTea Gang Super Likable

    Aug 31, 2015
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    Good Question...
    Hiame's Tri-Stat Build
    Intro/Small Banter
    So first and foremost... this build is suited for my playstyle and how I play.
    I prefer not to have berserk/war cry/rampage/decoy/saber aura/etc. Not that I won't eventually grab it's just my personal preference as of cap 200.
    This build was built around the idea of using all three stats associated with DW. Dex/Str/Agil.
    If you're looking for a DPS build this is not for you. This build is mid-high dmg depending on the gears you use. High stability and high ampr. While your subhand stability is on the lower end this won't be an issue as caps get higher.
    That said carry on reading.

    Stat Allocations
    - Here's a very short rundown for those wanting a refresher or are new to playing as DW/DS
    The numbers are just used as an example, idrc the exact numbers atm.
    Agil - raises subhand atk by +2, increases aspd, dodge, increases stab subhand
    Str - raises mainhand and subhand by +1, increases crit dmg, stability for both main and subhand
    Dex - raises mainhand +2, hit/accuracy, main-hand stability

    AGIL 200-260+
    STR 110-150+
    Dex 25-150
    Now Dex I wouldn't advise going anywhere above 150 due to HIT being a joke and Dex not playing a major factor unless on certain skills/formulas i.e Storm Reaper, Blade Skills etc.
    >> Essentially just set Dex to an amount your comfortable with for your atk. I personally have it anywhere from 105-150.
    >> These two will help your overall dmg figure out what you prefer, more aspd or more dmg
    - So much free SP depending on what you take and max out

    Red = Needed for build
    Blue = Utility
    Blade Skills
    Hard Hit - 5 | Astute 5-10 |
    Trigger Slash 7/10 | Sword Master 10 or Star Gem | Quick Slash 10 or Star Gem

    Shot Skills
    Long Range - 10 |
    Quick Draw - 10

    Magic Skills
    Impact - 7 | Finale -1

    Survival Skills
    HP Boost - 10 | optional MP boost 10

    Battle Skills
    Atk up - 10 | Whack - 5/10 | Crit Up - 10 | Intimidating Power - 10

    Monofu Skills
    Bushido - 5 | Shukuchi - 10

    Dual Sword Skills
    All Passives - 10 | Twin Slash - 5/10 | Spin Slash - 10 | Phantom 1-10 |
    Cross Parry - 10 | Charging Slash - 5/10 | Shadow Step - 7/10 | Shining Cross - 10
    Reflex - 5 | Flash Blast - 5/10 | Storm Reaper - 10

    Assassin Skills
    Back Step - 1

    Optional Skills
    Rampage - 10 | Berserk - 10 | Quick Aura - 10 | GSW - 10
    - Options

    CR% and p.pierce must have for high def bosses. Personally I'd add ult machina as an xtal choice to add in some more multipliers (srd, pierce, unsheathe etc) or stack some atk%
    :D what go wrong with stacking atk%
    >Player Stats
    High-Mid Budget use Atk% cr cdmg cdmg% aspd%
    Mid - Low Budget use atk cr cdmg cdmg% or atk cr cdmg aspd%

    Why not cr%? Flat cr does more and cr% only is guud if you bothered to invest into it

    Armor - heaven dress/dress of wish/ cr cr% cdmg cdmg% | cr aspd% cdmg cdmg%
    Heaven for resistance,HP and Atk
    Wish for -aggro and ampr
    With cap 200+ coming I'd advise grabbing that aspd% over cr%, cr% benefits more if you have some crit invested as a stat.

    Acessory - York Pendant/Heaven Feather | Demon Mantel | Full Beard
    Heaven/York Pen for stability not much difference between the two so grab what you prefer
    Demon Mantle atk% and stability enough said
    Full beard srd aspd str% moist all around
    Oh and Bat Waist Cape for more ampr and stability

    - We're getting tired typing all this
    other choices > /Grecia/Neo Maton/Ult Machina/gwaimol/EMS

    other choices > Lynx/goldoon/mimesia/tsucog

    other choices > lynx/tsucog/azuki's mom/dad

    other choices > volg/titeres/shining gentleman (waiting for the upgrade on this one)/tsucog/lynx

    Most of what we put here is just what swap around with but again this is just a guide and my build that suits my playstyle
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2020
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  2. Hiame

    Hiame MellowTea Gang Super Likable

    Aug 31, 2015
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    Good Question...
    Videos Go here maybe
  3. Hiame

    Hiame MellowTea Gang Super Likable

    Aug 31, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Good Question...
    Reserved for associating anime picture to link with build
    ...actually not sure but a 3rd reserve just in case

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