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This update is one of the biggest buffs Halberd has ever recieved

Discussion in 'Halberd' started by Phoenix。, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Phoenix。

    Phoenix。 Well-Known Member

    Aug 2, 2015
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    Ok, let me explain. The new evasion system greatly favors light armor + dagger builds and makes this combination probably the most mobile class in the game now (Check this thread for the exact numbers). With Dive Impact and a save evasion for auto attacks you can literally avoid every boss attack now (if skilled ofcourse). Stuff like the auto attacks from King Piton which had a timing just long enough to not be avoidable by Dive Impact and too fast to use 2 Dive Impacts are now no longer a problem. Additionally the dagger passive rework boosts any dagger skill used after a succesful evasion by 100% at lvl. 10 (Succesful evasion = avoid an auto attack). That means you can use a Gattling Knife boosted by 100% every few seconds (The exact time is: Time = 20 - Skilllevel). The way I see it now is that a glasscanon Halberd build with dagger sub and Gattling as additional dps is probably the best class in skilled hands.
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