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Create a Skill

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by ViPR, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. WindSlash

    WindSlash Guardian Angel of Picos Elite Member

    Aug 28, 2015
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    Summon a Zono. He'd throw snacks at enemy, 1dmg per snack you submitted from his quests. :V
  2. ★Excalibur✩

    ★Excalibur✩ Well-Known Member

    Nov 14, 2017
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    Skill : Berserk
    Consume 40-[2.5x Skill Level] of Max HP to use this skill. Increase damage a lot, but reduce DEF and MDEF by 110-[1.5xSkill Level]% [Yes, you will take more damage].

    And increase damage, crit damage, and crit chance. Need OHS, THS, or Halberd to work.
    Damage 0.5% x Skill Level xBase Damage + [5x Skill Level]
    Crit Damage
    1% x Skill Level + [ 3x Skill Level]
    Crit Chance
    1 x Skill Level
  3. DevilBunny

    DevilBunny New Member

    Mar 24, 2018
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    Let's Go straight up Fire Emblem X,D

    Luna ;
    Deal 1% Fractional Damage per lvl

    Sol ;
    Restore 2% Damage done as HP

    Create Clone of yourself, with All Stats equal to yours, Mimics your actions including skills. Damage dealt to Replica is shared with you.

    Renewal ;
    Party Members near you gain HP equal to 1% max every 20 seconds, at max 10% every 10 seconds. Aoe is 3 meters at start, then 5m at max.
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  4. Krisu

    Krisu Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2018
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    Star slash
    Skill cost : 500 mp
    Dual Wield
    Teleport around the enemy in a star shape 5 times. If you are not interrupted while doing this, unleash a deadly finisher.

    0 mp
    No limit
    Cast a spell and inflict a random ailment or buff in yourself. The higher the level, the greater chance of the spell being beneficial.

    Power Stomp
    400 mp
    Knuckle Only
    Leap to your target and stomp creating a huge tremor. You are invincible while leaping.

    Explosive Rounds
    200 mp
    Bowgun Only
    Load your gun with explosive bullets. Auto attacks deal AoE damage equal to your normal attack damage. The AoE has a (.5*skill level) meter radius. The buff will last for 20 auto attacks or until you get inflicted with ignite, where you will suffer damage based on how many bullets you had left.

    Healing Shot
    300 mp
    Bowgun Only
    Target an ally and shoot them with a powerful curing capsule. It heals them by (3*skill level)% of their max hp, but leave your bowgun with a sticky slime, decreasing damage by 10% for 25 seconds.

    Final Stand
    No Limit
    When you are under 10% health, all damage you receive is reduced by 80%. When you regain health over 10% health, you have to wait 30 seconds for this buff to activate again. If you take a killing blow, negate it until you have 1 hp and then deal a powerful attack. After this attack, your stats will be reduced by 50% for 30 seconds.
  5. Krisu

    Krisu Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2018
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    Dash: 100-500 mp
    Allows you to dash through your enemy. At higher levels the mp cost and cooldown is lower. All weapons get a different benefit.
    Lv1&2=500mp with 10 sec cd, Lv3&4=400mp with 8 sec cd,
    Lv5&6=300mp with 6 sec cd,
    Lv7,8,=200 mp with 4 sec cd,
    Lv9=200 mp with 2 sec cd,
    Lv10=100mp, no cd

    1h bonus: Increases all healing effects by 30% after using Dash for 60 seconds.
    2h bonus: Increase cdmg+15% after using Dash for 10 seconds.
    Bow bonus: Critical rate + 25 on the next skill.
    Bowgun bonus: Increase stability by 20% 20 seconds.
    Staff bonus: Decrease aggro for the next skill by -10%, and increase matk+5% for 20 seconds.
    Magic Device bonus: Increase the power of the next skill by +200(idk how powerful that is)
    Knuckles Bonus: Increase aspd by 20% and motion speed by 5% for 30 seconds.
    Halberd Bonus: Increases attack range to 6m and increases cdmg+10% until and for the next skill.
    Katana: Increases ampr by +25 and aspd by 250 for 15 seconds.
    Unarmed Bonus: Dash is free and recovers 200 mp if you use it, but only once every five seconds. You can dash again in this period, but it will cost 100 mp.
    Dagger Bonus: Decrease the enemy's defense by 25% for 20 seconds. Has a chance to inflict tumble.
    Arrow Bonus: For the next 10 seconds, all shot skills are guranteed critical and cannot graze. Has a chance to inflict flinch.
    Shield Bonus: Increase guard rate and power by +15%. Has a chance to inflict dizzy.
    Dual Wield Bonus: After dashing you are invincible for 3 seconds until you attack again. Increases stability by +5% for 20 seconds.
  6. ScathedVengeance

    ScathedVengeance Member

    Jun 27, 2018
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    Skill: Tenchu
    MP: 500
    Availability: All classes.
    Animation: A giant sword drops from above and pierces the target.
    Resistance to skill: Boss 30 sec.
    Effect: Inflicts "Stop" on the target, decreases targets Max HP and the target takes increased damage for the duration of the skill.
    Lv.1) Stop duration (Mobs 1 sec), decreases Max HP by 1% and the target takes 1% increased damage.
    Lv.2) Stop duration (Mobs 2 sec), decreases Max HP by 2% and the target takes 2% increased damage.
    Lv.3) Stop duration (Mobs 3 sec), decreases Max HP by 3% and the target takes 3% increased damage.
    Lv.4) Stop duration (Mobs 4 sec), decreases Max HP by 4% and the target takes 4% increased damage.
    Lv.5) Stop duration (Mobs 5 sec), decreases Max HP by 5% and the target takes 5% increased damage.
    Lv.6) Stop duration (Boss 1 sec/Mobs 5 sec), decreases Max HP by 6% and the target takes 5.5% increased damage.
    Lv.7) Stop duration (Boss 2 sec/Mobs 5 sec), decreases Max HP by 7% and the target takes 6% increased damage.
    Lv.8) Stop duration (Boss 3 sec/Mobs 5 sec), decreases Max HP by 8% and the target takes 6.5% increased damage.
    Lv.9) Stop duration (Boss 4 sec/Mobs 5 sec), decreases Max HP by 9% and the target takes 7% increased damage.
    Lv.10) Stop duration (Boss 5 sec/Mobs 5 sec), decreases Max HP by 10% and the target takes 7.5% increased damage.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
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  7. Krisu

    Krisu Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2018
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    Invisibility: Costs 100 mp
    Use it to reduce your current aggro by (skill lvl*100) after waiting for 5 seconds. Adds a 20 second buff where it cannot be used again. The effect ends early if you attack.

    Ey if minstrel type class ever gets implemented:

    Weapons: Harp, Lute, Flute

    Harp: Range 8m, can target allies to heal them by 1% of the target's max hp.
    Lute: Range 6m, can target allies to recover their mp by 20.
    Flute: Range 6m, can target enemies to summon a random monster that auto attacks and prorates but can die. Can have up to 3 monsters attacking one monster.

    Confidence(lv1): Passive
    At 70+% health, increase your damage and health by (2*skill level)%

    Anticipation(lv2): Passive
    increase your attack speed, dodge rate, evasion rate, and damage by (1*skill level)% each.

    Hardy(lv3): Increase your ailment resistance by (1*skill level)%.

    Sorrow(lv1): Costs 100 mp.
    Reduce the attack speed and damage of the mob by (1*skill level)%

    Energizer(lv1): Costs 0 mp. Charge time 1 second.
    Heals mp of your party members by ((5*skill level)+your character level)

    Joy(lv2): Costs 300 mp
    Heal all members in your party for (.5*skill level)% of targets maxhp+((mentality*2)+(intelligence*1.5)).

    Focus(lv3): Costs 500 mp.
    Increase all members intelligence by ×(.15*skill level) which lasts for (2*skill level)

    Peace(lv3): Costs 100 mp.
    Steals the aggro of a selected party member. The amount stolen is (1*skill level)% of their aggro gained

    Swift(lv4): Costs 400 mp.
    Increases the motion speed and attack speed of your allies by (1*skill level)%.

    Elementis(lv1): Costs 100 mp.
    A song that deals damage based on your element.

    Wrath(lv2): Costs 200 mp
    Increase the attack speed and attack of all allies by (1*skill level). The buff lasts for (6*skill level) seconds

    Hatred(lv3): Costs 200 mp.
    Harm the enemy with the music of hatred. Deals damage that increases with mentality and intelligence.

    Dragon Lyric(lv4): 300 mp.
    Sing the songs of the dragons, dealing damage to those that hear it. The damage done to you and your allies is (20-(2*skill level)% of their max health. However, the skill also does (2*skill level)% of the monster's current health. Smite increases the damage to (3*skill level)% of the monster's current health. Does not work under 40% health.

    Wow. I got carried away.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
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  8. Obrskn

    Obrskn Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2018
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    Sounds interesting
  9. Echiko

    Echiko New Member

    Apr 6, 2019
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    Name: Glass Cannon
    Weapon: Bow/Bowgun (12m)
    MP Cost: Player's current MP
    Effect: Deals damage equal to MP used * Attack stat, ignoring defense. Also takes 80% of player's current HP. Pulls aggro of targeted enemy.
    Skill Tree Position: After Snipe.
    Why: Consistent damage that can't be spammed and discourages players from overkilling regular enemies. Also the aggro should stop the player from trying to use MP charge.
  10. Ardyn

    Ardyn Well-Known Member

    Oct 4, 2015
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    I don't think Asobimo has any plans to make STR as an atk boost for brawler sooo-
    Replace Aggravate and Strong Chase with

    Afterimage ( Knuckle main only) ( Passive )
    Raises Motion speed by 1% per skill level

    Enhanced Afterimage ( Knuckle main only)( Active Buff)
    Attacks have a 3% chance(per skill lv) to deal 20% of the last damage dealt ( includes skills) for 3(per skill lv) seconds

    Also hoping they'd rework Rush similar to Tenryu Ransei

    Rush ( Knuckle main or sub) ( 400 MP )
    Quick consecutive attacks. After using, the next cast of this skill receives a motion speed buff, damage boost and becomes 100mp per use for 10 seconds.

    Seriously, they gave too many benefits for swords and gave the barely useful ones to knuckles.

    More knux things
    Fury ( 500 MP) ( Active Buff )( Similar to sword's Rampage )
    Greatly enhance 10 basic attacks and deal a 3 hit combo after.

    Rising Dragon ( 200 MP) ( Active Skill )
    Punches the enemy upwards with great power. Gives the status ailment "Paralyze" to the enemy. Raging Tiger can be used while character is in mid-air.

    Raging Tiger ( 600 MP )
    Pounces a foe from above and performs a 5-hit combo. Can only be used in mid-air after using Rising Dragon. Deals more damage when the enemy is paralyzed. ( No Impact> Raging tiger combo )

    Knux can have Damage+Speed while Swords can have Damage+Survivability
    No hate on swords btw.
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  11. Zufeng

    Zufeng Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2018
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    Point blank
    Cost 500 mp,bowgun only
    Deal heavy damage and armor break to enemy by shooting your bowgun at close range,the damage get weaker at distance.
    Due to the big recoil,knock the user back for some distance.

    Particularly inspired from Double barrel bg and how crap Bg is in general
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  12. Ryuneda

    Ryuneda Well-Known Member

    Nov 24, 2016
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    Material Box Synthesis
    Skill Alchemy Level 4
    Type: Ex Skill
    Description: Pack processed materials in a box and trade with other players. The amount of materials that can be packed in a box increase as the skill levels up.

    Dismantle Equipment
    Skill Blacksmith Level 4
    Type: Ex Skill
    Description: Break equipment into pieces and retrieve the materials used to craft it. The amount of materials that can be retrieved increase as the skill levels up.
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