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New player greets You (some advice would be nice) ;)

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Kykas, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Kykas

    Kykas New Member

    Aug 4, 2019
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    Hi there,
    I'm a new player in Toram so everything is new. I have some background in playing Linege II and Ultima online (not so much to be honest, but some background).
    I'm planing to be an occasional player because i have quite much going on in my life at this time (age 38). So i assume no guild will want me :)
    I have started as an archer (lvl 31 now) and plan to be self sufficient as far as i can, mostly playing solo because off irregular playing times.
    If somebody could answer some basic questions and point me to the right direction that would be very nice.

    1. regarding weapons and armor. I have not found where to buy them. Only produce at blacksmith... Knowing i will be very poor for a long time is there a way to get my hands at least on some moderate equipment ?
    2. Item storage? can i store my junk somewhere? Does it cost any spinda?
    3. How does the trading work in toram (i have not seen any vendors like in lineage or ultima).
    4. Iff there are no vendors how do you know what is in demand and how much spinda does it cost? (checked forums buy/ sell, but in most cases there are no prices).
    5. what is "stk" when talking about materials
    6. Could You please point out a good archer buid that is capable of solo paying (for some reason i have spent some skill point to max out powershot - in most builds it's only lvl5, all statpoints i did put on dexterity).
    7. is there a more appropriate place in forums to ask such noob questions?

    Sorry for my English (not my native language) and thank you for your help ;)
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  2. -Kazuki-

    -Kazuki- Well-Known Member

    Dec 25, 2016
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    Welcome to the forum!

    1. You can buy trash gear(failed stat) from the consignment board, some dropped gear are better than the ones in blacksmith, other than that, blacksmith is your go-to place if you need new gears
    2. You can and its free. Just go up to a merchant (like sololo in sofya) and press the deposit button
    3. I don't quite understand what you mean
    4. Check the consignment board, or just ask other people
    5. Stk means "stack". It means an item is at full amount before taking another bag slot (most items has a max stack of 99
    6. There are many archer build in youtube and in this forum. Go check them out, or just make one :D
    7. I've heard amino is quite good but i've never tried it before
  3. mekp

    mekp Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2017
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    1) About acquiring the equipment, there's 3 method to get an equipment. First from npc blacksmith, second is from player blacksmith and third is from monsters/bosses. *Side notes, some equipment from mobs and boss are pretty good tho
    2) Like kazuki wrote above, you can have an access to a deposit on city (sofya/el scaro/ hora/nov ). The you can expand the deposit via purchasing the orb.
    3) To trade, you need to have player (target) , select on player theres a selectable option on your right of the screen and select "trade request". About trade be sure to check the item on the panel first, to avoid being scammed"
    4) About the market price. You just need more information about what players demand *checking the consignment board also help , if you have time, try check the chat about selling and buying.* theres a community on discord about buying and selling etc.
    5) Kazuki already explained it >_<
    6) Regarding the build, its better for you to understand the basic about the skills. So you wont need to copy another build. Try check this thread
    "https://toramonline.com/index.php?threads/skill-tree-list-lvl-180-cap-salvaged.45857/" and thread for bow build "https://toramonline.com/index.php?forums/bow.190/"
    7) Try use Line app or discord.
  4. silver chan

    silver chan Well-Known Member

    Dec 5, 2016
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    Hi^^ / & welcome
    Lol, don't worry about age XD three people here + 40 & they play with there children :)
    1-as nub city's blacksmith or mobs or boss drop is the cheapest & we all been there XD
    People in the game have there own blacksmith or buy from others,but it cost more.

    2-when you start the game you met I npc character named sololo in sofya city right,
    We put our item there, you have 40 slot for free, then you will need 2 pay orb 2 get more slot & storage.
    3-the trade when you tap on same one character you will see options like trade & party invitations & friend requests, trade only work for 2 thing spina & 4 item only & the item or weapons should be tradable,so usually will be gears & mobs drop weapons or npc can't sell with threre state only as app, it will easy 2 understand it when you make blacksmith character ^^/
    4-there is, but there 2 way the first way when go 2 sofya you see people standing near a wall near the office where pino is, it called consignment boared , we sell & buy from there
    You write the item you looking for & buy it or just 2 cheak on the price, the second way you see people shout in city like s) ifrid 1.2m PM, they sell by trade ^^
    5- stk it means the item he sell is 99pcs as max so we say 1stk = 99pcs
    6- for an archer as state you go full dex then str, & for the tree skill you should
    Also add battle skill & survival skill, & you cheak YouTube & don't wasted the books
    The games gave you lol,book of oblivion & notebooks of oblivion & it for reseat you skill tree but you need 2 buy it from orb shop not by spina
    At first you should cheak on emblems you can find it, when open menu character, there daily quest & weekly +things you need 2 do so you can get more skill point. & if you already lvl 30 you can buy your own land ^^ it cost like 10000 spina &we say it here 10k
    7- sorry no info >< & good luck.
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  5. Crusader

    Crusader Well-Known Member

    Sep 24, 2017
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    First, did you read some beginner guides from this forum, if not then:
    1. https://toramonline.com/index.php?threads/dear-newbies-read-me-for-tips.45590/
    2. https://toramonline.com/index.php?threads/beginner-efficient-self-sufficiency-guide-updated.36887/
    3. https://toramonline.com/index.php?t...items-what-to-farm-levelling-guide-etc.37004/
    4. https://toramonline.com/index.php?threads/the-tome-of-creation-a-guide-to-character-design.44448/

    1. You can farm the materials you need for the recipe and go to the blacksmith. Or you can go to the Consignment Board (aka cb) to buy your stuff. Note that you can't buy, sell, trade stuff it it's marked as untradeable. 4th Anniv Weapons are quite cheap now. You can get a nice non-slotted (aka ns) high potential (aka pot) weapon that didn't fail (e.g. less ATK than it should have) for less than 10K. Just set the CB on Sort=Price, Slot=Only 0, and search for 4th anniv bow ix (or exchange the word bow with sword, katana, etc.). You should take a look at the items that are registered on All Users and not on All Users.
    2. You have a bag and a storage, which can be accessed at any town (e.g. Sofya, El Scaro, Hiora Diomeda etc.) at the General Store. It is recommended to expand your slots there instead of your bag. 1 Orb for 5 slots at the storage, while the amount of Orb you spend to expand on the bag slots rise.
    3. Trade is possible through the cb or you trade directly with other players. Pay attention there, you don't want to get scammed. Always check the traded items. Take screenshots of every transaction.
    4. Spina guides posted on this forum could give you a general view of items that are in demand. You can observe the chat in the towns. If you have more storage later on, you could farm summer shell. Those wll be in high demand after the summer event is over.
    5. stk = stack, the maximum amount of a material stored in one slot. For example: Animal Skin can be stacked to maximum of 99. Usually it is 99, 30, 10, or 1.
    6. Archer is not really meant for soloing. If you have read at least one of the beginner guides, then you will know that leveling to lv. 150 is a priority, or at least to lv. 90 for Snipe. Just for clarification, are you using the bow or the bowgun? And, you should get elemental arrows, one of every element.
    7. Asking in General Discussion should be fine, I think.

    E X T R A
    If you have any questions about the skills, ask in the corresponding thread in Class Discussion, or here .

    If you have any questions related to the Crit Rate, Crit Rate%, Crit Dmg, Crit Dmg% then take a look at this .

    If you want to know what you can cook, then here

    EDIT: coryn.club is a database for in-game stuff. Or if you like discord more, then you should take a look at this: https://toramonline.com/index.php?threads/discord-bot-for-toram-discord-guilds.48166/
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  6. JerryRST

    JerryRST Welp Elite Member

    Dec 28, 2016
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    Well, since your questions have been answered above, I guess I can only give some advices eh?
    1. If you're having trouble fighting a boss in the main quest, you can escape the battle and re-enter in easy difficulty (note that this can't be done for some bosses).
    2. You can try looking for high level friends so that you can use their mercenaries to greatly help you progress through the main quest.
    3. You should try getting to level 70 through the main quest ASAP. Reaching level 70 will allow you to learn level 3 weapon skills for ALL of your characters.
    4. You can then make a Luk mage character and use it to farm Summer Shells, which sells quite decently per stack. After farming for a bit you should be able to buy better equipments (4th Anniv IX ones without stats are cheap).
    5. For builds, you can use Youtube builds as references (although not all of them are good). Be careful when building characters, as stat and skill resets costs orbs.
    6. If you want to know item prices, you can search for the item on the Consignment Board in cities. Not all materials are useful, if it isn't useful you can sell it in the general stores.
  7. Kykas

    Kykas New Member

    Aug 4, 2019
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    Hello everybody once again,

    I would like to thank You all!
    It is amazing how helpful Your are. I was expecting an answer (well maybe two) answering my questions in just few words.
    And I got a bunch of so detailed answers and advises I am amazed :)

    Thank You all once again and have a wonderful day!
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