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  1. Akída Arkheín
    231 members, 10.6K views.
  2. Spriggan 12
    113 members, 3.8K views.
  3. POTUM
    110 members, 15.7K views.
  4. Heavenly Angels
    109 members, 16.6K views.
  5. NOTA
    44 members, 4.5K views.

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public West Wind

Wilder than the West. Mightier than the Wind.

public TheNightCourt

To The Stars Who Listen And The Dreams That Are Answered.

public Cedar

CCC~ <3 Chedar Cheese Casuals
A friendly Guild where Nobody has to DIE
The Origin Of Blood Rose will keep blooming.

public Setaria

We were once knights n squires, Now we are strayes
"The fire within only grows stronger"